Employee Spotlight – Matt Misner

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What is your favorite movie? – I like a wide variety of movies, but one that has stuck with me since I was a child is Goonies. There aren’t many shows that I watched during my childhood that I still enjoy and can now watch with my children and enjoy.

Last thing you watched on NetFlix? – Stranger Things 2. Loved it!

Favorite part of your job? – The daily interactions with our clients. I love working alongside our clients to help them find solutions for their needs.

Where is one place in the world you would like to visit someday? – It would have to be Fiji. It looks beautiful and I would love to stay in one of the bungalows on the water!

Favorite family tradition? – My son loves Christmas. So for that reason, I would have to say putting up the tree and decorating the house has quickly become our favorite family tradition.

Name your typical work week at Paramount in 3 words – Fun, Unpredictable, and Teamwork.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what is the FIRST thing you would buy? – Responsibly I would say pay off the house and set up to help my kids education, but then selfishly would be some season tickets to the Utah Jazz.

In an effort for our clients to get to know us better, we will be spotlighting different employees throughout the year. For our first introduction, we are thrilled to spotlight Matt Misner.

Matt is currently our Director of Client Services. Matt has worked for Paramount for over 12 years now and so many of you have associated with him in one way or another. Below are a few questions we recently asked Matt. Some of his answers may surprise you.

Tell us a little about your family – I have a beautiful wife that I have been married to for 11 years. We have two little boys who are 5 years old and 18 months.

Favorite place to travel with your family – We go to Las Vegas most often because it is so easily accessible from Salt Lake, but our favorite place as a family to travel is Disney World in Florida. Though we don’t go there often we have made great memories there as a family.

What is the best concert you have ever been to? – I don’t go to concerts very often but I did really enjoy Mumford and Sons when they stopped through Utah

Last book you have read? – The Situational Leader by Paul Hersey. Great book that gives ideas on how to apply yourself as a leader. To lead with actions, not just your words.

Who inspires you? – My Father is a great inspiration to me. He worked with the post office for 30+ years starting as a mail carrier in college and then working his way to being a key decision maker within the organization on the west coast. He has inspired me throughout my adult life to always work as hard as possible, but keep my family and our values a priority.

What was your first job as a kid/teenager? – I worked at McDonald’s when I was 15. Looking back I can’t believe it, but I did learn some great lessons working there.

If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life what would it be? – I love Mexican food.

What is a random or weird habit you have? – Some people notice it and others don’t, but I often am playing with my wedding ring. I take it on and off constantly throughout the day.

If you could invite 3 people (dead or alive) to dinner who would they be? I would have to say Anne Frank (it would be surreal to actually hear first hand her experiences and to understand the situations she lived through), Rick Majerus (I am a huge basketball fan and was always fascinated with how his mind worked. Read his biography “My Life on a Napkin”), and then my wife of course.

Which historical event (sports, politics, history, etc.) do you wish you could have witnessed? – I am a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan so it would have been amazing to watch the Immaculate Reception.

Coolest Animal? And maybe what would your son say? – I have always liked the idea of having a monkey but realize that the idea is probably better than the reality. If you asked my son he would probably say a LION. He loves Lion Guard on Disney Channel right now.

If you could do one other job (outside the industry) for one day what would it be? – Since I love sports I think it would be really fun to work for a professional sports organization.


We are so grateful for Matt. He is a great leader and a huge part of Paramount. We hope you have enjoyed getting to know him a little bit better.