Corporate Wellness Tool

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Are you wanting to land that big corporate account? Or do you simply want to offer membership specials to a local business in your neighborhood? Well, now you can with our corporate wellness tool. Our corporate wellness software takes the stress and headache out of managing your corporate memberships. Here are a few of the highlights of our software.

  • Grant your clients access to view their corporation details, manage the adding and removing of employees, billing information, and more.
  • Power grid views allow you to sort, filter, and group invoices or corporations to more easily manage your workflow.
  • Use the same payment methods as you do with your members: recurring, one-time, credit card, check, ACH, etc.
  • Manage all aspects of a corporation as you do your members: name, address, billing, add notes, etc.
  • Create and manage employee logins, granting access to only those corporations they need to see.
  • Create, view, edit, delete, print, and email invoices.
  • Offer specific pricing and packages per corporation.

We make offering corporate memberships easy. Call your client service representative today for a quick demo or CLICK HERE  to schedule a demo with one of our sales staff.