3 Ways Our Software Improves the Overall Experience of Your Gym

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Uncategorized

If you’ve heard anything about the Paramount Acceptance holistic gym management platform, you’ve probably heard how easy it makes managing every single aspect of your business, from handling customers to your staff. You’re probably wondering, however, how this can actually improve your gym. After all, just because processes are running smoother doesn’t mean that the overall experience of your gym will magically improve as well. We totally understand, which is why we want to dig deeper into some of these benefits to uncover how your management team, staff, and customers will enjoy a higher-quality gym experience.

Here are three ways the Paramount Acceptance gym management solution can actually improve the overall experience of your gym:

1. It allows your staff members to focus more on your customers.

Think of all the to-do’s your staff is responsible for in a single day, from cleaning down equipment to leading classes to dealing with customer issues. In most cases, do these issues seem to arise from a lack of staff attention? If the answer is yes, then the Paramount Acceptance gym management platform is the answer you’re looking for. With a powerful gym-specific solution handling the back-end logistics, your staff can focus more on what’s really important: your members.

This extra attention can be a game changer for both staff and members alike. For your staff, they can be more productive, efficient, and perform their duties at a higher level. And, for your members, they will enjoy a more personal, hands-on gym experience like never before. For members, belonging to a gym is also about gaining a sense of community. With your staff members more engaged, your members are the ones that reap these benefits.

Additionally, staff members won’t be left wondering if they forgot something or weren’t aware of an order coming down the pipeline. Paramount Acceptance is all about visibility and transparency into how your gym is managed, and your staff deserves to know exactly what they can do to make your gym operate at the highest level.

2. It gives your customers the peace of mind that their personal data is secure.

For many gym members, the looming threat of security breaches and data leaks can cause major worry. This is equally troublesome for gym owners. After all, if your gym is associated with an information breach, it can be a massive PR disaster. Gym memberships, like other subscription services, often require a credit card number along with other personal details, which is what causes them to be so susceptible to hackers.

With Paramount Acceptance’s secure gym membership fee collection services, your members have the peace-of-mind that their information is secure and protected. Now, it might just be us saying that, but knowing that your data is safe makes working out that much sweeter. Talk about a better gym experience, indeed.

3. It allows you as a manager to recapture hours back in your day.

No gym owner or manager comes to work every day looking forward to all the paperwork that lies ahead. Instead, the thought of crunching numbers, filling out timesheets and working out staff schedules is headache-inducing. Paramount Acceptance not only takes the grunt work out of this manual work, but it also streamlines automated processes for an even more efficient, productive gym operation.

Paramount Acceptance can improve the day-to-day work experience for gym owners and managers by:

  • Making it easier to hire, onboard, train, and manage staff
  • Implementing an easy-to-understand scheduling program so all your trainers know exactly what shifts and classes they’re responsible for
  • Monitoring how popular certain classes, time frames, and equipment is so you can make better staffing decisions
  • Allowing gym managers to visualize where new members are coming from and capitalize on these opportunities to increase memberships

Paramount Acceptance is the ultimate gym management solution for organizations looking to deliver a new level of service and experience. Ready to learn more? Schedule your personal call today with one of our specialists!