3 Ways Gym Software Can Automate Your Business

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3 Ways Gym Software Can Automate Your Business

For most gym owners, the medial, day-to-day requirements of running a business can quickly get old. After all, gym owners are typically active, always-on-the-move people who would rather not spend hours in front of a computer crunching numbers, filling out time cards, or dealing with spreadsheets. This is where industry-specific technology can come into play. With gym software helping gym owners, managers, and employees to automate everyday activities, less time is spent on the computer and more time is spent on the gym floor with members.

Here are three ways gym software can automate and streamline your organization:

  1. Lead follow up and new member contracts

Gyms of all sizes are always looking for new members, which means that lead hunting, follow-up, and membership services take up a huge chunk of staff time. With gym software, trainers, managers, and sales staff can easily follow up with leads without wasting time hunting down contact information. Sales communication, messages, and tasks are automatically created directly from the platform to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Once a lead progresses through the pipeline, all relevant data and details are automatically transferred from the lead management solution to a membership writing tool that develops custom, paperless membership contacts. Instead of guessing and piecing together a new member contract from various files and databases, your team can immediately create a dedicated contract with different pricing options based on previous conversations with sales staff.

  1. Class and employee scheduling

When it comes to managing and updating gym schedules, accuracy is key. On one side, class schedules and facilities calendars are constantly changing as instructors cancel, members back out, or new classes pop up. Keeping track of all of these changing details can cause some serious roadblocks and keep gym managers stuck in front of their computers for hours. On the other side of the scheduling arm is employee time management. It’s no surprise that organizing and managing gym employees can be a hassle, with swapping shifts, classes, and personal training appointments.

With gym management software tracking all schedules, calendars, and operations, there doesn’t have to be any confusion or uncertainty around time management. If instructors make changes to a class or calendar, members can automatically see these changes and sign up for classes online. Employees have access to a master calendar that highlights where shifts need to be filled. Plus, with all class and employee scheduling handled via an online platform, critical activities like one-time fitness classes or personal training sessions can be automatically recorded just by clicking a button on a smartphone or computer. It’s all part of delivering better, more targeted service to members both in the gym and online.     

  1. Data gathering and reporting

Finally, it’s time to talk about data. Gathering, analyzing, and monitoring metrics and data, while an incredibly critical part of the gym management process, can be exceedingly tedious and time-consuming. For gym managers especially, this exercise is even more grueling because of how much data is housed in various systems and locations. From new membership numbers and point of sale data to class attendance and new job postings, there are a ton of individual data points that go into actually managing and operating a high-functioning fitness center.

Instead of manually going through every single data point and building an elaborate spreadsheet, gym management software allows managers to automatically integrate multiple systems and platforms into a single, holistic solution for a real-time view of gym operations. This means members, employees, facilities, and more – it’s all visible and accounted for in a single dashboard-style view. With automatic data gathering and reporting, gym managers can make better staffing decisions, provide the services members actually want, and ensure their gym is up-to-date and managed correctly.  

Automating processes for a better member experience

Automating and streamlining day-to-day activities can build high-functioning gym operations. Without these day-to-day processes taking up precious time, gym managers and staff can spend more time working directly with members, delivering better experiences and increasing overall member satisfaction. Plus, with tighter margins and more efficient operations, your gym can be more profitable and successful.

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